4 thoughts on “My New Video! IT’S NEW! A NEW Video! It’s So NEW! NEW VIDEO HERE!”

  1. Fantastic–excellent quality! “Perspectival” is a fine new addition to my conceptual storehouse. I immediately cemented it in my mind by creating mental ideogram, which I semantically bind to my ideogram for “relative”. By the way, I just made a post on my site neoideograms.com re your “Aphorisms on Art”.

    The main question I left with from your prefatory remarks is, why does a world of images need to be “chaotic”? Or without stability? The images themselves have some structure and stasis, without the “thing in itself” coming into consideration.

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  2. I just listen to a few minutes of Chapter 11 from Table 41. Your use of language is unique: very much like Chinese poetry.

    Using words to create a mental image is the most powerful form of written expression.

    Kudos to you and thank you for inspiring me. I can learn a lot from a gifted writer as yourself!

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