Table of Contents for TABLE 41: A Novel by Joseph Suglia

If you would like to see and listen to a video in which I read my entire novel Table 41, go hereClick here to listen to and see a video in which I read my entire novel Table 41.

Excerpts from Table 41 are available here, on this Web page: Table One, Table Two.

If you would like your own copy, you may purchase one here.

Here is a Table of Contents for Table 41.

Dedication and Acknowledgements

Table One

Table Two

Table Three

Table Four

Table Five

Table Six

Table Seven

Table Eight

Table Nine

Table Ten

Table Eleven

Table Twelve

Table Thirteen

Table Fourteen

Table Fifteen

Table Sixteen

Table Seventeen

Table Eighteen

Table Nineteen

Table Twenty

Table Twenty-One

Table Twenty-Two

Table Twenty-Three

Table Twenty-Four

Table Twenty-Five

Table Twenty-Six

Table Twenty-Seven

Table Twenty-Eight

Table Twenty-Nine

Table Thirty

Table Thirty-One

Table Thirty-Two

Table Thirty-Three

Table Thirty-Four

Table Thirty-Five

Table Thirty-Six

Table Thirty-Seven

Table Thirty-Eight

Table Thirty-Nine

Table Forty

Table Forty-One


89 thoughts on “Table of Contents for TABLE 41: A Novel by Joseph Suglia”

    1. I pressed and then flung up Table 24 on my FB page with something like this: This may be disturbing. I immediately went to Table 41 and then to Table 42 (don’t you all want to skip the prelims and get right to the gist?). (Addendum: But I suspect my limited time on-net will include doses of more table-hopping.) Thanks, Doc.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed when the interviewer gave you literary quotes and you responded. And can I tell you how much I love the semi-colon? Maybe too much. Your responses give me a great deal to think about. And I really appreciate the concept of being the first and last audience of my writing. Interesting and good stuff.

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  2. I’m new here and welcome you all
    First it’s verily amazing when I take a look to comments
    And enjoy how much is quoting speech and interesting stuff
    Thank u


  3. I stole a glance at the first part of your novel, and was surprised to find that it was written in the second person’s perspective. I would love to read it in the future 🙂


  4. Hey, Joseph. Wow: an entire novel in Second Person…gutsy. I need to get some samples up, soon, but they may be pedestrian by comparison. I’d love to see your comments on my thoughts about the writing process and industry.


  5. have You ever thought of writing about a person deemed ‘mentally disabled’ putting up a legal fight for their “health” in a time when Legislators are expanding on how they’d “perfected’ the cra(p)ft to “infect” the constituancy?


  6. I write for fun. You’re a professional who has had a few novels. I have zero novels. I just blog. We don’t even have the same writing style. I don’t think I am an intellectual like you.


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