Everything in One Video

Everything is here, in one video. — Joseph Suglia

[VIDEO] An Explosive Lecture

Here is a lecture that explodes:

I lecture for twenty hours on Nietzsche (coming soon)

I am finalizing a twenty-hour lecture on Nietzsche.  It is a fifteen-part video series; I am refilming a number of the videos and transcribing my words.  I will publish all fifteen videos and a partial transcript sometime next week, probably on 6 August 2020.

Joseph Suglia


My Novel TABLE 41 Predicted the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear friends,

My novel TABLE 41 predicted the novel Coronavirus pandemic in the same way that my earlier novel WATCH OUT predicted “self-partnering.”

If you would like to watch me and listen to me read TABLE 41 in its entirety, go here: a video of me reading TABLE 41

To read TABLE 41, go here: read TABLE 41 here

Stay strong, everyone.

Joseph Suglia