My Novel TABLE 41 Predicted the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear friends,

My novel TABLE 41 predicted the novel Coronavirus pandemic in the same way that my earlier novel WATCH OUT predicted “self-partnering.”

If you would like to watch me and listen to me read TABLE 41 in its entirety, go here: a video of me reading TABLE 41

To read TABLE 41, go here: read TABLE 41 here

Stay strong, everyone.

Joseph Suglia


2 thoughts on “My Novel TABLE 41 Predicted the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic”

  1. I read the first two tables and liked the guides description of my POV. I am a character watching the boy with the white globe eyes approach me. (I felt my heart beat increasing wondering if this was an alien boy coming to take me away or hurt me or what? Then he passed by me like I wasn’t there. (My heart rate started to calm). Good descriptive context of where I was and what I was seeing.

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