Table of Contents for TABLE 41: A Novel by Joseph Suglia

If you would like to see and listen to a video in which I read my entire novel Table 41, go hereClick here to listen to and see a video in which I read my entire novel Table 41.

Excerpts from Table 41 are available here, on this Web page: Table One, Table Two.

If you would like your own copy, you may purchase one here.

Here is a Table of Contents for Table 41.

Dedication and Acknowledgements

Table One

Table Two

Table Three

Table Four

Table Five

Table Six

Table Seven

Table Eight

Table Nine

Table Ten

Table Eleven

Table Twelve

Table Thirteen

Table Fourteen

Table Fifteen

Table Sixteen

Table Seventeen

Table Eighteen

Table Nineteen

Table Twenty

Table Twenty-One

Table Twenty-Two

Table Twenty-Three

Table Twenty-Four

Table Twenty-Five

Table Twenty-Six

Table Twenty-Seven

Table Twenty-Eight

Table Twenty-Nine

Table Thirty

Table Thirty-One

Table Thirty-Two

Table Thirty-Three

Table Thirty-Four

Table Thirty-Five

Table Thirty-Six

Table Thirty-Seven

Table Thirty-Eight

Table Thirty-Nine

Table Forty

Table Forty-One


89 thoughts on “Table of Contents for TABLE 41: A Novel by Joseph Suglia”

  1. Hi Dr. Joseph,

    I just submitted my review on Table 41 on Amazon. It’s still being processed so I will also post it here:

    “‘Table 41’ is an experimental novel that aims to capture an incredible state of mind. Instead of having a classic narrative with the usual fictional characters, it throws you in the middle of the urban ambience in the city of Chicago. You are literally the protagonist and will be constantly confronted with vivid surreal descriptions as in a lucid dream.

    The philosophical backbone of the novel is nietzschean. What would our life look like if we transcended our limitations by acknowledging them? If we saw the illusions of our civilisation – moral dichotomies, rationality and free will – for what they are? If we became free spirits and collectively decided to let go of all our narratives and struggles?

    According to the novel, this would feel like a descent into nature. Our cities flooded with climbing plants, wild animals, with butterflies and birds and lizards, while we serenely contemplate the changes without any anger or value judgments. The colourful wings of the birds or the swarming insects are on the same ontological level as two hipsters playing their guitars on the beach.

    Table 41 strongly remind me of Jung’s words from Liber Secundus: “But I was no longer the man I had been, for a strange being grows through the city, a greening tree being who loved nothing but greening and growing, who was neither disposed nor indisposed toward men, neither beautiful nor ugly, neither good nor bad, merely living, primordially old and yet completely young, utterly inconstant and superficial, and yet reaching deep down, down to the kernel of the world.””

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      1. I haven’t made any purchases so far on so it won’t allow me to post reviews. This just changed although it might take a few days to process my situation, after which I’ll try again.

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    1. If you’re asking me I don’t, unfortunately. I speak English og jeg er kjent med Norsk; these are the limits of my ‘germanness’ (I’m Romanian). I know reading Nietzsche in English is not the same.

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      1. Wow so you can speak Romanian too, didn’t see that coming! Într-adevăr, Cioran şi Mircea Eliade sunt cei mai notabili autori români din punctul meu de vedere. Can’t say the same about Ceausescu.

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      2. I noticed you’ve been following and liking my blog series on art and philosophy.

        It’s a great privilege and has encouraged me a lot, considering that after graduating from uni my research into theoretical realms has been entirely private, no tutors or supervisors to guide my readings or offer feedback on my articles.

        I am planning to turn this series into a book at some point in the future. Would you be willing to write a few thoughts on the articles? A brief review – could be as short as this comment. I won’t publish it anytime soon; I need more theoretical groundingso I paused the writing process and I’m currently delving into Merleau-Ponty and Jung’s ideas.

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  2. This novel is different and wonderful. I expected a story of some sort but got transferred into a aura of serenity. I meditated without even realizing that I meditated. How clever!
    I love this and will be buying the book!

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  3. On impulse, I bought and read your book. Somewhere in the middle I found that I was inclined to read it out loud. I did, and subsequently went on my own pilgrimage down Clark Street.

    I returned with the notion to start recording myself reading the Tables. After reading and recording Table 1, I thought I might put them up on my blog (with full credit and links). I don’t know why I’ve done any of this. I don’t want any money. It’s just an idea that I can’t shake.

    I didn’t know where else to message you. If you object, of course I won’t put it online, but I will still probably record myself reading all the Tables.

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