TABLE 41 by Joseph Suglia

The entire novel is available here, on this Web site.

—Joseph Suglia


13 thoughts on “TABLE 41 by Joseph Suglia”

  1. Joseph I believe yours is the first novel I’ve ever read that was entirely in the second person perspective and I must say I enjoy what it does to my mind. It’s like guided meditation with my eyes instead of my ears; soothing, strange and always unexpected what is found along the way. Now I don’t know if you’ll ever read this comment, busy man that you are, but I wanted to say that I listened to the interview you posted on YouTube a while back and I find you to be a pleasant, highly intelligent and opinionated man. It was refreshing to hear such truth and bold statements. You don’t cater to anybody/thing but what you believe in. It was listening to that interview that renewed my belief that I’m on the right path. You gave me words that I had forgotten: “Write for Yourself.” I gave you a shout out in one of my blog posts because you inspired the writing of it. I’m not here to try and garner views and attention to myself. I’m here because 1) I couldn’t find a e-mail address for you and 2) I thought you deserved to know that your work matters. I recognize you. You matter. Thank you for aiding me on my journey.

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