I Have Made a Decision that Affects You and Your Life [Reading Time: forty-one minutes and forty-one seconds]


Dear friends,

My cousin K. and my internet friend “Moments” have persuaded me to publish my masterpiece Table 41 as a physical book.  This will happen sometime in 2018 or 2019.

The novel will be self-published, unlike my previous work, which was released by academic presses and small presses.  Who cares?  The publishing elite is dead, and the stigma with which self-published writing was once inscribed has been lasered away.

In the meantime, please read or re-read the tables [below] and comment upon them.

The first forty-one readers who publish Amazon reviews of the book will receive free physical copies.  I only ask that the reviews not be scurrilous (honest reviews are welcome).

Please watch the video below, which contains a dramatization of one of the passages from the book.

Wishing you the best,

Joseph Suglia

46 thoughts on “I Have Made a Decision that Affects You and Your Life [Reading Time: forty-one minutes and forty-one seconds]”

    1. I was listening to your interview, Dr. Suglia. I found the way you responded to questions and the content of your answers to be really interesting. You often use more than one descriptive word about the topic at hand…more than one word to attempt to define the idea…”These were like non-events…non-incidents.”

      This is just an observation; NOT a critique. I’m not actually an intellectual with a PhD; hardly. But I am a nurse. We nurses have this thing called a “Nursing Process,” and the first part of this process is called “Assessment.” This is broken down into two parts: Subjective and Objective.

      In my career and in the field of hospice, it was always the subjective that meant most to me (Personally) because with out it, the objective was just fact…no meaning. I have always believed the “Meaning” was the most important component to helping the Human Being before me (not their disease…but the person). It is the person that generates the meaning. Without meaning it was incredibly difficult for people to participate in their own process about what was happening to them at the end of their life.

      Without experience (or the awareness of it) and the words to describe it can often lead to a lot of suffering in people. And they don’t have to have a disease or be dying to suffer. Frustration can be a terrible suffering. I find it pretty frustrating to have no context for what is before me in any given moment; in my career, my personal life and before any particular person. I find it frustrating when I don’t have the words. And of course…having too many words frustrates other people. This is so ironic.

      Anyway, In mentioning my observation to you…I mean to compliment you on your way with words. I think that to the discerning mind, it’s helpful to add what ever words that give a more holistic view of the idea your trying to convey. That “Bigger Picture…broader idea” is very clear in your way of speaking.

      Interesting interview.

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  1. okay, i like the color of you writing, we have similar tastes in themes, i don’t even think this theme is offered anymore, hope all is well.

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  2. I just discovered your website, and though I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, I’ve read some of Table 1, and am really impressed by your style. I’ll be looking out for that self-published book, and all the best for it! 🙂

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  3. Hello. I, once upon a time, lived in the academic world. Now, I live in a trailer park in the country. There is no compare or contrast. It just is. Your writing takes me back to the days of before…the words and their flowing poetic patterns almost more important than the actual content. I referenced a dictionary several times just to make sure that I remembered all the nuanced meaning of the words. It is lovely and lofty and a pleasure to visit. But now, the chickens call for their scratch and my daughter awaits enlightenment as we start our homeschool day. Until we meet again. Kelly

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  4. Good for you! What made you decide to self-publish over traditional publishing? I would like to publish my own manuscript and am trying to work out the pros and cons of each method. Again, congratulations on publishing it physically!

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  5. Love your repetition with “Baobab Tree”. That is beautiful writing, Dr. Suglia. I really love that; particularly, repetition is a dying art in modern novels. I’m not very familiar with the forms of the repetition in their proper names, but there’s about twenty syllables there where Baobab Tree is repeated at least three times.

    I hope your book succeeds. I’ll be looking to see if it does; as it’s what I’m trying to do. Though, I have no provenance as an author. It’s why I’m working on my blog. Sixty subscribers. Not much, but it grows a little, a little. Writing is work, and so is getting yourself out there. I’m going for YouTube readings once my cousin gets done making the cover art. If he doesn’t, I’m going to pay him. I know he’ll finish it then, as I’ll give him the money, and he has ethics to finish it if paid.

    Good stuff. Good stuff.

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  6. I also know it will be something he’s really proud of. He’s such a good artist. There’s a proverb in my Religion’s Holy Book: “The race is not always to the swift, nor the prize to the strong, but time and chance overtake all things.”

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